Sunday, July 16, 2006

This is an amazing rule of thumb that I just thought up.

You know how everything George Bush has ever said was a complete lie? When you understand that he says and does as he is instructed, and when you see that he is nothing but a pack of lies, then you may reasonably conclude that his job is to lie to you. Because I'm not sure he could get it wrong so consistently, so accidently.

Do you ever want to know the truth about something? Just take whatever comes out of his mouth and invert it. He's a veritable oracle...of falsehood. Take his statement, completely invert it, and you have the truth.

"Israel was attacked." NEGATE. "Israel was not attacked."

"Israel is defending itself." NEGATE. "Israel is the aggressor here."

"Israel is your friend." NEGATE. "Israel is your enemy."

"I am the embodiment of good." NEGATE. "I am the embodiment of evil."


This one is very easily defeated: Expose his words as lies. He's actually quite impotent.