Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Philip K. Dick

By the way...

I was incorrect earlier when I said that Philip K. Dick was willed into existence by the society in which he lived. He was willed into existence by this one.

He had the power of temporal focusing. Or, more precisely, this society does. This communal mind wills into existence information originating in various temporal frames. All these interacting waves of information produce the desired result. Being an artist with a disabled censoring mechanism, he wrote what came to him. He thought he was insane for these ideas.*

It may be the mixing of the parts of an antidote, the parts of which are not "seized at the border" by a suspicious authority. It's a brilliant method of delivering an antidote: in various parts, from various temporal frames.

To have all this information converge right now indicates that your communal mind is in serious need of fixing...right now. Timing is everything.


*And since information must come from some economically plausible source, a person had to speak them. (They couldn't come from nowhere, at least not in your agreed-upon conceptual model of reality.) And so you created Philip K. Dick. He did as you asked. And he gave his life for it. You owe him some thanks.