Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Standard...Lies...of the CuckaPeople

While tagging along behind some Senators, Bill Kristol was overheard to breathlessly say:

"They're our common enemy! You don't-- I know how much they hate you! And they make fun of you, too. I heard one of them say, 'Those Americans are so stupid they can't even figure out how to drive their own tanks and kill us!' Are you gonna take that? What are you, a bunch of sissies?! They think that you're sissies, not me, but maybe you _will_ be... And they probably-- I think, I mean-- I _know_ that they're coming from Iran! And Syria, too! All those places my Clean Break document says they'll come from! And that Chris King Pop Icon nonsense about Israel being involved in 9-11 is just-- why, it's just-- what can I say?! It's just kookie talk! Logically, it has to be kookie talk, because otherwise [gulp...] Israel will be erased..."

Mr. Kristol, no one listens to the CuckaPeople anymore. Look how far you've fallen. And stay on your knees, while you're at it; it will be one of the permitted professions for the CuckaPeople.