Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm so prescient.

Two years ago I thought it "edgy" --in the parlance of comedy-- to advocate the nuking of Israel. (I later retracted the statement in full, not to be repeated again, because I realized that such an act would hurt innocent Muslims.)

I overheard a complete stranger say today, "We should just nuke Israel and be done with it. It's always the fuckin Jews, isn't it?"


To be fair, nuking anyone isn't really an option. Cut off their aid, I say. Let that tick dry up.

I don't think Jews fully understand the liability that Israel presents to them. When Israel gets done with its lying and bombing and raping, the world will not suffer a Jew to speak with other than downcast eyes. And they will have done it to themselves. They will have placed themselves into the lowest human caste.