Thursday, December 13, 2007

Okay, cheese eaters!

We're moving! My debit card works now. I have paid my balance at typepad. My preferred venue is Henceforth, any posts will show up there.

If I remain silent for a time, check back here at Or maybe I've finally got bored of playing to freeloaders and just decided to get on with my life.

...Though I do appreciate that you've all stuck with me this long. But don't tell anyone; it ruins my dyspeptic shtick...

Here's one for my friends at Fox.

(By the way: For as many people as who hate me, they sure read my stuff a lot. ...And I think that my life's body of work will reflect that my most offensive material came after I consciously started trying to get booed off the stage.)

Chris waltzes into the Fox newsroom and noses around, opening desk drawers and rifling through people's belongings. He passes over the Met-Rx bars and the Axe Body Spray and steals a few pens. He jumps up on a desk.

"Excuse me! Everyone, could I have your attention?!"

"I have the uncanny ability to divine the future! And I feel myself entering into a trance state as I speak! ...Let's hope I can maintain the presence of mind to steal that geri-stapler I saw in that handicapped woman's cubicle..."

"I see your troglodyte nation...disappearing! Yes! Yes! A miracle happened there after all! They got erased! ...No more flying planes into buildings, I'd say!"

"I see...I see a cocktail party! With decent white people! ...They're drinking brandy and laughing and showing off the Jews they purchased as pets! ...It's fashionable, apparently, in the future to keep Jews as pets and dress them up in firemen's uniforms and sailor clothes or whatever and take those cute pictures of them. (...People can just buy the software and print out their own calendars.)"

"I see them wailing in their stalls about how everyone's contra-them! And they don't know why!"

"And they lament not having listened to Christ when he tried to teach his moronic people how they could harness time-domain energy and escape this 3-Space prison! You're so stupid that you didn't even GET him! ...No one ever accused a Jew of being bright, I guess..."

"Instead of embracing God's Luminescent Energy, they fill their empty souls with money! And it never fills up!"

"And what galls you the most isn't that I'm performing this material...but that I'm getting away with it!"

"How! Is! Your! Homeland doing?!"

"Grunt! Grunt, my Little Dream Children! Embrace the High Priests' chain around your necks! Poison the earth! Spread lies and filth! Gin up more wars! Fly more planes into buildings! Give us an encore performance! ...Suborn your Beauty to your masters' Ugliness! ...The meek shall inherit the earth! And shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace! War is not the way to God or to His abundance! Choose your House! Ha Ha Ha ha ha hahahahahahahahahahaha.............."

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I must have zero audience members--

--because zero people have bought tickets to my show. All that was in my mailbox was a JC Penney circular and another red-colored letter from the power company.

It's funny that I actually have zero audience members because I seem to detect shades of Chris King Pop Icon everywhere. So maybe I'm just crazy after all.

I'll give it till the first of the year.

(You realize that what I'm really doing is asking for my audience's permission to end this useless waste of my time.)

Well I'm off to the post office.

...To collect the contributions so that I can buy more cheese-flavored snacks for my audience.

If you have not done so, remove a twenty-dollar bill from your wallet.

Mail it to:

Chris King
PO Box 138
Westminster Station, VT 05159

That is the price of admission to my show. Twenty dollars per year. Pretty cheap entertainment, wouldn't you say?

This is why you're beautiful to me.

When you "play from your heart," you inspire faith.

It's the material that your handlers write for you that I can't stand.


I'll have you all know that I'm working on my Second Annual Chris King Pop Icon Says Nice Things About People segment. It'll be on my TV show on the Bust-a-Gut Network. Check your local listings.

I will purchase some scratch-off lottery tickets from the gas station. I'll scratch them off on-camera while saying nice things. It's like we all get to open our presents together. The denomination of the ticket will be in direct proportion to the quantity and/or vehemence of the things I have said about them over the past year.

Here is the working list of the people I will buy lottery tickets for, and the denomination of the ticket:

Dennis Miller: $1 (He can handle himself. He's probably changed his ways anyway.)
Joseph Lieberman: $1 (For that Heeberman crack.)
Stephen Colbert: $1 (I once intemperately told him he could eat it.)
Jon Stewart: $2 (He's had to stand by while I do all my Jew material.)
Michael Chertoff: $5 (He is in possession of his own soul.)
Michael Mukasey: $10 (He's taken more of a drubbing sooner than anyone really should have to.)
Alberto Gonzales: $10 (I think you got caught up in some things that your nature did not prepare you to deal with.)
George Bush: $20 (This is the physically largest ticket and has all the shiny scratch-off stuff and the multiple games per card. You can win up to a million dollars on these, I think.)

I will inscribe a personal note on each card in private and mail it to the person in question. I will also include any winnings. That will be my gift to you.

So keep an eye open.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm trying to deal with this in a sensitive way.

And I've grown tired of being angry at you. It's bad for the soul. So I can discuss this in a nuts-and-bolts way now.

Do you people fully understand what Zionism has done to you?

Israel has set Jews back 1500 years. It's out of the country club again with you people.

Do you fully comprehend what you've done to yourselves?

Unless you take steps RIGHT NOW to redeem yourselves, no decent person will so much as be seen in public with a Jew. ...But no one ever takes my advice.

Do you get this?

And I'm sorry to have to discuss these matters during Hanukkah. But I didn't know that your homeland was going to declare war on the United States. Things are happening fast. These things need to be dealt with on their own timetable.

I will now turn the menu over for you.

Your enemy is not "Islamofascism"...'s Judeofascism.

It's often useful to know who's declared war on you.

Beware this meme.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain warned Monday that Al-Qaeda could trigger a major US economic crisis with just one successful attack on a Middle Eastern oil installation.

The Arizona senator argued that terror groups understood America's reliance on foreign oil -- and did not believe it had the will to find alternative energy sources.

"Al-Qaeda plans for attacks on oil facilities in the Middle East to destroy the American economy," McCain said, in prepared remarks released by his campaign ahead of a speech in South Carolina.


I'm starting to see this one crop up. It is the "Al Qaeda could trigger an economic crisis, ergo, if one happens, it was Al Qaeda's fault" meme.

This didn't just come out of nowhere. John McCain gets his talking points from someone.

From a show business perspective, you do your material before it's needed, remember?

The economy is imploding. You may rest assured that those who caused the implosion will pin it on That Nemesis of Mythical Strength and Power, Al Qaeda. (You know, the people who demonstrably had nothing to do with anything.)

John McCain works for the people who caused the destruction of the United States. He's pushing their bilge.

Once the economy implodes, the "government" will step in and offer to help everyone out. ...But only if you'll put this pretty necklace on... To protect you all from Al Qaeda --the ones who caused this whole thing, you know. So turn in your guns and gold in the name of fighting the terriss.

And once you accept the "government's" help, your total enslavement will be complete.

(You can hone your BS detector by learning to spot memes. When a notion just seems to appear out of nowhere, from multiple locations, it has been deliberately caused to come into being by someone.)

I would like to know precisely what is happening with this case.

This is the case of the AIPAC agents, Rosen and Weissman, accused of spying for Israel.

In order to restore lawful government, it is vital that this wound be exposed for all the world to see. Let the trial begin.

Now there has been a major development on this front. No one took seriously the defense's motion, made a few months ago, that they be allowed to subpoena Condoleezza Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, National Security Council chief Stephen Hadley, and a whole platoon of government officials and former officials. The motion was made on the grounds that these officials, too, had transmitted classified information to AIPAC, and that this is proof that such behavior was and is routine, part of the normal way of doing business in the world of Washington lobbyists. The defendants' case has always been that they have a First Amendment right to commit espionage, and that their indictment amounted to a government assault on their right to "free speech." Gee, too bad the Rosenbergs never thought of this unique rationalization for treason, although I doubt it would've gotten them anywhere. The AIPAC defendants, however, may have more luck in this department…

No judge had ever allowed such a thing, at least in recent memory, and no one expected Judge Ellis to look favorably on this request. That he granted the defense motion in all but a few cases is bad news for the government – and good news for the Israel lobby, which may just be spared the embarrassment of having its essential nature as a fifth column for Israel exposed to the light of day.


You may not like to hear it, but I will tell you that Israel is in complete control of your federal government. This nut has to be cracked. I hear a whisper on the wind that the defense has proceeded along lines such that they intend to "raise the stakes" by promising to bring out information that would bring down the United States Government if this case is permitted to proceed. USG LLC is crashing anyway. So let the trial proceed and let us all see Israel's role in the destruction of the United States.

Israel's forces operate in the dark. Want to reclaim lawful government? Just turn on the light. It's that simple.

You will find that those CIA tapes were destroyed because--

--they recorded another form of "enhanced interrogation." That method is making dozens or hundreds of fine cuts on the penis with a razor blade.

And while Fox may be able to get Dennis Miller to employ his unfunny face to laugh off waterboarding as just some "water down the schnoz," I don't think anyone can laugh that one off.

The public knowledge of micro-cuts to the penis is what officially destroys the United States government. (As if it had not destroyed itself already.)

(And I'm just waiting for the anal rape videos to come out. Hoo boy...)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

When I was a cable man working in Orlando,

I possessed what is called a Time Delay Reflectometer. A TDR is an electronic device that lets you troubleshoot a length of cable. You hook it up to one end of a cable and it sends a signal down it. Since it knows the speed of light, and since you tell it what the composition of the cable is, it will tell you how long a span of cable is, whether it is passing all the energy properly, etc. It does this by counting how long it takes for a reflection to come back to it. (Energy gets reflected back down the cable when it hits an "interface" like a break in the cable or the natural end of the cable.) The TDR has a display that shows you all this information.

TDRs are a bit expensive. We did not have one at the shop where I worked, which was too bad because they can save you lots of time in troubleshooting a failed length of cable.

I remember at this one hotel, which was spread out among two dozen buildings, we had buried cable amounting to several miles' worth. Gardeners were forever digging up our cables or nicking them. When you nick a cable or perhaps introduce moisture into it, the cable will selectively not work: Some channels may be fine while others are not. Or perhaps the "channels" that carry the internet data may flake out. Wholesale cable failures are easy to spot; cable flakiness is more difficult to pinpoint.

So we had this one problem that was causing massive amounts of lost revenue because none of our technicians could pinpoint the fault in the cable. We had six guys working on the problem for a week.

My boss knew that I personally owned a TDR. I bought it as an investment in my trade. It would enable me to pinpoint the location of the fault in less than thirty seconds. We could have guys with shovels dig up that failed span of cable and re-splice it and have it fixed in an hour. My boss also knew that I would be happy to put my TDR to use to fix such a problem.

"Chris, I'd like you to come out and meet up with us to fix that outside plant problem at site fourteen nine seven seven. I need you there at eight."

As a cable man, I was never even out of bed at eight. "I'll see you there at eleven. How's that sound?"

"Yeah. ...Alright, then. ...Sounds good."

I thought it might.

Get it?

Bill Hicks interview

I wish I could have known Bill Hicks. He just gets it.

"Olmert's word wouldn't seem to be worth much,"

"considering that Israel flew planes into the World Trade Center, tried to sink the USS Liberty, and executed the Beirut Marine Barracks bombing. ...So I think we can safely assume that one more lie won't mean much to them." [The microphone gives feedback as Chris turns from it and lopes offstage like a retarded child, arms outstretched and a big ol' grin on his face.] "Mommy, Mommy! Did I frame the debate properly?!"

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel believes Iran will have the resources to create a nuclear weapon by 2010 despite a U.S. intelligence report that it was not building an atomic bomb, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on Sunday.

Olmert told his cabinet that Iran was continuing to enrich uranium and develop ballistic missiles and that Israel would press the U.N's International Atomic Energy Agency to "expose Iran's nuclear weapons activity."


Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

Air - Kelly Watch the Stars

Air - Sexy Boy

All videos should have dancing and kung fu moves. This is a masterpiece.

Modern journalism is at a crossroads.

Here is a passage from a Times article about torture allegations by Gitmo detainees:

Pentagon officials have said they believe that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks, selected Mr. Khan, who grew up in the suburbs of Baltimore, to study the feasibility of blowing up gasoline stations and poisoning reservoirs in the United States. But he has not been charged with any offenses.


The mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks...

The Times is doing its readers a disservice. They are disseminating demonstrably false information. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed could not have been the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks.


Two reasons:
  1. Fire did not collapse the World Trade Center towers. The proffered model of the collapse is the "pancake theory," wherein the supporting clips gave way that connect the floors to the inner support columns and the outer perimeter members. Here's a graphic: This is the model employed by NIST. (While my detractors study the matter by watching television, I prefer to read. Not to mention that I believe nothing that anyone tells me. I'm funny that way.) The model says that the angle clips failed upon becoming heated by the fire, they let go, and one floor collapsed upon another and another, all the way down. Just one problem: What happened to the inner core? The inner core exists for a reason: It is what supports the building. The pancake theory is the equivalent of stripping the leaves from a fern with your fingers. The stem remains. How did the core magically fall right down?

  2. We've got people who would be in the know who plainly state that 9-11 was executed by the CIA and Mossad, and that foreign intelligence services knew this from the start.

So, obviously, KSM could not have masterminded the 9-11 attacks. (Unless he and his merry band of malcontents somehow secreted demolitions charges into the buildings over the course of weeks. But then... If they knew they would need demolitions charges to collapse the buildings, and if they had expertly managed to evade building security for those weeks, then why go to the trouble of flying non-relevant planes into the buildings? Hmm? As a show?)

So what possible reason on earth would someone have for writing the demonstrably false phrase, the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks?

The only possible answer is this: "Because that's what the government man told me."

As time goes on, the phrase the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks just becomes more outlandish.

It's like reading the following:

"Orange juice --the primary export of the Moon People-- has been proven to be an important part of your diet. Researchers today said that..."

Orange juice doesn't come from the moon. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was not the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks.

The statements are equally asinine.

If the New York Times is telling me that orange juice comes from the Moon People, what else in that paper is suspect?

Saturday, December 08, 2007

What did I do with my modest inheritance?

I bought some stuff, I gave some away, I saved some...

But I am pleased to note that neither the State of Vermont nor the IRS got any of it.

Please suck it.

That's what you get when no one is following the rules... You just make up your own...

And our Darling Miss Perino may wish to reconsider--

--her association with that administration. It's not a sound career move. She's functioning as a Minister of Propaganda for war criminals.

Obviously, then,

there will be lots of Executive Branch officers and employees executed for war crimes.


The sport of the day is betting on who it will be.

Here's my short list:

George Bush
Dick Cheney
Donald Rumsfeld
Alberto Gonzales
David Addington
General Hayden
Joseph Heeberman (He's different. But we include him just for endlessly ginning up fake wars.)

There really should be a cost associated with the murders of hundreds of thousands of people. Don't you think?

The skirmishes that you witness--

--are part of a larger war that is taking place inside the time domain. It appears to you to span thousands of years. It appears to you at once as both real and unreal. You perceive it as a shadow on the wall, a mere approximation of the true battle being waged in a higher dimension.

Your nature prevents you from seeing its entire scope.

I have engaged The Parasite.

The CIA has apparently woken up from their haze of cock/cunt reality.

"Cock/cunt reality" is the strange groupthink state of mind that the frat boys get into when they decide to serially rape some passed out sorority girl. There's lots of grunting and shoving of cocks into cunts and high-fives and desirous glances at the shapes and heft of your frat brothers' cocks. It all seems so cool while they're doing it.

Then the next morning it doesn't seem so cool anymore.

It is at that point that the oh-so-brave frat boys destroy the tapes of their conquest. ...Lest the townspeople find out about it and hang them for defiling their name...

So the CIA is destroying evidence.

General Hayden submits for our consideration that it was done to protect the identities of the interrogators.

This is incorrect. It is well within the technology of the day to obscure the faces and voices of the interrogators. Surely they sell the software at Circuit City.

The CIA knows this. And they know that everyone else knows this. Therefore, they knew that they would receive heat for insulting their audience's intelligence by claiming this excuse. ...And that is damning enough...

So, logically, the heat they expected to receive from a public viewing of the tapes far exceeded the heat they knew they would take for destroying them.

Those tapes contained a record of CIA behavior so morally reprehensible that their airing would destroy the CIA and open its employees up to charges of war crimes.

Now: If the ostensible purpose of "enhanced interrogation" is to extract information useful in the prosecution of the War on Globa Terra...

And if they destroyed all record of the extraction of that information...

Then their concern for their own safety eclipses their concern for the War on Globa Terra.

Not the height of courage, I'd say. ...Or maybe the War on Globa Terra isn't the pressing matter that it's represented to be...

The Bush Administration destroyed itself. The Justice Department destroyed itself. And now the CIA has destroyed itself. They all destroyed themselves by exposing a complete lack of moral authority.

When you lose moral authority --that is, when you lose the right to command without eliciting an involuntary bark of laughter-- you lose political authority. And through that loss, you lose legal authority.

And the United States exists because why? I'm not sure there's anything left that hasn't been laughed out of the room.

"You can't fight something that isn't real, you see."

"I'm not real. ...And that is why I will win. ...You see."

Some people don't like conspiracy theories.

Namely, those involved in conspiracies.

Ron Paul wants you to be scared. There's a conspiracy in the land—what he calls a "conspiracy of ideas"—to give up America's sovereignty. It's a shadowy scheme that begins with the NAFTA "superhighway," a road as wide as several football fields that will link Mexico, the United States and Canada. "They don't talk about it and they might not admit it," Paul said at the CNN-YouTube presidential debate last week. He didn't say exactly who "they" are, but perhaps one can guess. "They're planning on [taking] millions of acres … by eminent domain," warned the prickly libertarian. But elected government officials aren't acting alone. There's "an unholy alliance of foreign consortiums and officials from several governments" pushing the idea, Paul wrote in October 2006. "The ultimate goal is not simply a superhighway, but an integrated North American Union—complete with a currency, a cross-national bureaucracy, and virtually borderless travel within the Union."

Only it's not true. The main purveyor of this broad conspiracy theory is Jerome Corsi, coauthor of "Unfit for Command," the book that helped Swift Boat John Kerry's presidential ambitions. His latest offering is "The Late Great U.S.A.: The Coming Merger With Mexico and Canada," which became a best seller on The New York Times's business list this summer. Corsi plays on growing nationalist fears. He sees a scenario in which a North American Union is born and shares a currency, the "amero." Even some right-wing standard-bearers regard the fears as over-blown. Jed Babbin, editor of the conservative newspaper Human Events, says: "I guess there are people who believe in [the plan for a North American Union]. But there are people who believe in Bigfoot." "The evidence is out there," says Corsi.


Now contrast that with:

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation in Alberta, Canada, has posted on its website a trade corridor map that shows a NAFTA Superhighway clearly designated in the same route, including Interstate Highways 35, 29 and 94, that the North America's SuperCorridor Coalition, or NASCO, designates as the I-35 NAFTA Superhighway.

It would seem obvious, but apparently it needs stating. Ahem:

When anything can be found out in 0.32 seconds on the internet, one runs the risk of being exposed as a fraud when you print things that are so easily disproved. This isn't 1960 anymore.

I know we're talking Newsweek here, but still.

Let's tighten it up a little over there, boys. I'll be embarrassed for you if I ever see a photo of Bat Boy on the cover of your magazine.

Newsweek works for people who are scared numb over Ron Paul. ...I guess he's over the target, what with all the fire he's taking...


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Executive branch officers and employees :

You will need to politically neutralize the President, the Vice President, the Attorney General, and Homeland Security Secretary.

They have lost. They will attempt to flip over the chessboard by some police crackdown. They will nakedly just round people up and declare exigent circumstances.

Neutralize these individuals by assembling evidence of Israeli involvement in 9-11. Then you will obstruct any orders issued by those individuals. (Lose paperwork, misroute orders, decline to execute orders, etc.) You will not face reprisals because you will raise the stakes: You will threaten to go public with your evidence.

The mop-up is underway. It is an extremely simple and straightforward operation if everyone is on the same page.

State Governments: Be prepared to ignore all instructions from Washington. Be prepared to arrest federal agents in your territories.

Federal Law Enforcement: Identify all Jews with Israeli citizenship who work in the federal government. Be prepared to arrest them.

United States Military: Be prepared to decapitate the Israeli government. Eliminate any Israeli influence in your operations. Identify all Jews in the Pentagon who hold dual citizenship with Israel. Be prepared to arrest them.

This is an extra-legal situation and it requires devising your own rules. Let your conscience and your oath of office guide you. Your actions will stand in their own defense.

You will also find...

...that Israeli intelligence has assembled dossiers on all federal-level politicians. This is for blackmail purposes. AIPAC issues the orders, Israeli intelligence enforces them.

If we wish our elected representatives to restore lawful government, then we will need to be forgiving about any transgressions that may be made public about our representatives.

You will find that Israeli firms were in charge of security at the 9-11 airports.

It would have been necessary, you see.

You will also find Israeli firms involved in the encryption of military and government communications and in the "safeguarding" of American nuclear weapons.

This, as you can see, will need to be rectified if you wish to pry Israel's hands off your nation's throat.

Intelligence Services and Military: Wherever you see an Israeli presence is where you will find an exploitable weak point. Fix it.

I've decided that I'm going to grow a beard.

I've never had one. And I'm not sure that I have the whisker-density to support such an undertaking. But who cares.

A full beard with mustache, one amorphous mass of hair growing down my neck to meet my chest hair, a big, overgrown frightful thing. It will communicate to all, "Don't fuck with me because I obviously don't give a shit."

And I will hang a hand-lettered card around my neck that reads:


If I were up against Bonkers Bolton on the High School Debate Team,

I would win the Minimalism in Debate prize.

Bolton could go on and on, taking nary a breath in warning the audience of a gun-shy intelligence community, certain factions' desires to torpedo the Bush Administration, intelligence services' affinity for policy formulation rather than analysis, Iranian disinformation, and all manner of skulduggery that resulted in a National Intelligence Estimate that we heed at our mortal peril.

Then he'd sit down to tepid applause and I would rise from my seat and approach the lectern.

Standing there, I'd take a glance around, clear my throat, and lean into the microphone:

"Israel flew planes into the World Trade Center. ... ...I appreciate your giving me this opportunity to frame the debate properly. Thank you."

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I think you will find...

...that the compartmentalized elements of the CIA that participated in 9-11 were run by sayanim.

Therefore, if we do a reverse-lookup, we will find that CIA personnel with Israeli citizenship may congregate in certain departments. Those departments are the ones that participated in 9-11.

Who within the CIA has dual citizenship? Find them. If they run a compartment, then that compartment was involved in 9-11.

The same goes for the FBI.

We're on the home stretch, everyone. The mystery is almost solved. At this point, I would turn the case over to a junior officer and go out for drinks. ...Because all that remains is the mop-up...

The man's name is Christ.

New York, NY, November 28, 2007 … Every December schools and local governments are confronted with the question of how to approach the holidays without favoring one religious faith over another or making some feel uncomfortable because their religious background is different from others.

To help negotiate the "December Dilemma," the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) provides public schools and government institutions nationwide with materials and information on how to keep public recognition of the December holidays respectful, welcoming and constitutionally permissible.

"Schools and governments can acknowledge the December holidays – Chanukah, Christmas and Kwanzaa – so long as it is done with sensitivity, caring and respect for all members of the community," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. "Schools and governments have the responsibility to ensure that they maintain respectful, open and welcoming environments for all of their community members. Whatever they do, they cannot favor one religion over another."


By the way, Abe... How's your homeland doin'?

These goobers from Wichita would never be hired by PPU USov.

Donnell Williams had just gotten out of the bath tub, wearing only a towel around his waist, when he turned the corner to see guns pointing right at him.

"I ain't never been so scared," says Williams.

Police forced entry into Williams home while responding to a shooting, but it turned out to be a false call. They had no idea at the time the call wasn't real and that Williams is hearing impaired. Without his hearing aid he is basically deaf.

"I kept going to my ear yelling that I was scared. I can't hear! I can't hear!"

Officers were worried about their own safety because at the time it appeared Williams was refusing to obey their commands to show his hands. That's when they shot him with a Taser.


Deaf man doesn't do what you say? Tase him!

And there are many more tasing incidents that I'm just too disgusted to cover. Like the handcuffed woman in the police station who got tased simply for not complying with some instruction. See? It's not to enable the cops to safely subdue someone. It's to force compliance at the threat of pain.

Remember: If you allow someone to place a pair of handcuffs on you, you will be tortured.

But PPU USov is designed to be the gold standard of PPUs. We'd hire the best while these Wichita cops would be working Wal-Mart where they belong. (It takes a special breed to fear for one's safety in the presence of a naked man.)

This isn't quite the smoking gun yet, but someone pass this on to Abe Foxman.

Former Italian President and the man who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio Francesco Cossiga has gone public on 9/11, telling Italy's most respected newspaper that the attacks were run by the CIA and Mossad and that this was common knowledge amongst global intelligence agencies.

Cossiga was elected President of the Italian Senate in July 1983 before winning a landslide 1985 election to become President of the country in 1985.

Cossiga gained respect from opposition parties as one of a rare breed - an honest politician - and led the country for seven years until April 1992.

Cossiga's tendency to be outspoken upset the Italian political establishment and he was forced to resign after revealing the existence of, and his part in setting up, Operation Gladio - a rogue intelligence network under NATO auspices that carried out bombings across Europe in the 60's, 70's and 80's.

Gladio's specialty was to carry out what they coined "false flag operations," terror attacks that were blamed on their domestic and geopolitical opposition.

Cossiga's revelations contributed to an Italian parliamentary investigation of Gladio in 2000, during which evidence was unearthed that the attacks were being overseen by the U.S. intelligence apparatus.

In March 2001, Gladio agent Vincenzo Vinciguerra stated, in sworn testimony, "You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple: to force ... the public to turn to the state to ask for greater security."


There are a few requirements that intelligence service agents must meet in order to be able to accurately assess political situations:

  1. Don't shit yourself (at least not regularly.)
  2. Don't watch TV or read the newspaper (or if you do, do it knowing that it's all lies.)
  3. Don't solicit the opinion of the moron at the VFW.
  4. Try, whenever possible, to employ facts, logic, and reason in your analysis.
So, yes, intelligence services would be in a position to know these things.