Thursday, November 15, 2007

This is rich.

Supporters of former attorney general Alberto R. Gonzales have created a trust fund to help pay for his legal expenses, which are mounting in the face of an ongoing Justice Department investigation into whether Gonzales committed perjury or improperly tampered with a congressional witness.

The establishment of a legal defense fund for the nation's former chief law enforcement officer underscores the potential peril confronting Gonzales, who is one of a handful of attorneys general to face potential criminal charges for actions taken in office.


While in office, the man did everything in his power to subvert the rule of law and to dismantle the legal protections afforded the accused. He pretended never to have heard of Habeas Corpus, detailed precisely how it would be considered legal to torture children in front of their parents, and argued that the President had the authority to break any and all laws in pursuit of some shape-shifting rationale known as "defending the country."

If I were as grotesque a monster as this piece of filth, I would advocate throwing him into a hole, waterboarding him, subjecting him to sensory deprivation and mind-altering drugs, and forcing him to eat his own shit --all of which are the stinking fruits of his malformed, birth-defect existence.

But, alas, I cannot. I suppose even the most degenerate form of sociopath deserves the due process he so assiduously strove to eliminate.

Let his own soul --if he has one-- torture itself until the day this earth is finally rid of it and hell incinerates it as so much human garbage.

His crimes are self-evident. What class of person could be a "supporter?"