Friday, November 16, 2007

"Stop...doing nothing."

"You are...a threat...for doing nothing..."

Armed police deployed

Mr Gaubert said he was on his way to meet friends when he suffered a fit on the bus and slipped into a [diabetic] coma which left him slumped on his seat clutching his rucksack.

Armed police were called to the bus depot in Headingley and when he failed to respond to their challenges he was shot with the Taser.

He said as this was happening, another officer was pointing a real gun at his head.

He was restrained and eventually came round in the police van.

He said it was only then that the officers realised it was a medical emergency, despite him wearing a medical tag round his neck to warn of his condition, and took him to hospital.


You know that your minds have been warped when you begin to see terriss everywhere. Diabetic comas are an everyday occurrence. "Terrorists" do not exist (except the ones who work for government. But they're not the kind to draw attention to themselves on buses.)

Time was, that if a cop found an unresponsive person, it was ASSUMED that the person was in a diabetic coma.

Now just tase them.

"You wake up, damn you."

"We am here to protect you."