Tuesday, November 13, 2007

OK. Let's recap about the compressed audio.

I don't watch cable television. Anything I want to watch I can see on the internet. I sit at the table in my lair and recline in a high-backed chair and watch shows on my notebook computer. (I will foreshadow a bit here by noting that the mute button on my notebook is never more than three inches and a short finger-flick away.)

When the audio level of the programming is suddenly interrupted by too-loud, compressed audio of an advertisement, I effortlessly flick the mute button. Why? Because it's too fuckin' loud, that's why.

Then, since I cannot hear the audio and now have little idea of what the advertisement is about, my eyes will wander away from the screen and to the barbie dolls, the tinfoil hat, and the hand-lettered "VIACOM SUCKS" placard that I have been promising myself I will work into a bit somewhere. Or maybe the magazine lying on the floor. Or the numerous flag lapel pins that I bought out of a bucket at the liquidation store.

The point is, my attention is everywhere except the advertisement.

It's really OK: Stop compressing the audio.

Just stop.