Thursday, November 15, 2007

Can you see the fear in his eyes?

When GOP presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani stopped off for a little retail politicking at a Colorado coffee house last Saturday, he came prepared to hammer home his commitment to the war on terror, make a jab or two at Hillary Clinton, and field some tough questions about recently indicted pal Bernard Kerik -- but he apparently wasn't ready for Sander Hicks.

Hicks, a Brooklyn-based journalist, publisher and all-around multimedia maverick, is also a self-described member of the "9/11 Truth" movement, a group convinced that official explanations do not fully account for the Sept. 11 tragedies. As Giuliani shook hands and signed autographs outside of Loveland, Colorado's Loveland Coffee Company, Hicks was waiting with a question.

"Mr. Giuliani, six years ago you told Peter Jennings that 'we were told that the World Trade Center was going to collapse,'" Hicks said, quoting a remark from the former New York City mayor made during an interview with ABC News. "Where did you get your foreknowledge that the World Trade Center was going to collapse?"


"Hicks appears to be trying to resuscitate the claim that Rudy knew the Towers were going to collapse in advance," states an entry at the blog Screw Loose Change, a site which claims to debunk "myths" about Sept. 11. "EMS Battalion Chief John Peruggia was warned by a NYC building engineer at 9:58 AM that the North Tower was in imminent danger of collapse. Presumably either Peruggia or the building engineer proceeded to warn the Mayor. Unfortunately Giuliani has compounded the problem by denying that he had any advance knowledge, perhaps because the kooks generally frame it that he had plenty of warning..."


Just to recap for any worker drones who may have wandered in:

It is not theoretically possible for the WTC towers to have collapsed from the kinetic energy of the planes and the thermal energy of the burning fuel and office contents. Translation: It didn't happen that way. The energy deficit was likely made up with demolitions charges. This squares with Larry Silverstein's admission that they made the decision to "pull" bldg 7. This also squares with Rudy Giuliani's advance warning. (Of whatever duration. It makes no difference whether it's ten minutes or ten microseconds. Foreknowledge is foreknowledge.)

And further: What building engineer would ever suspect that a steel-framed building would collapse from fire? It had NEVER happened before. (And not one, not two, but three steel-framed buildings collapsed from "fire," all on the same day, all on the same piece of property, all owned by the same guy.


  • Giuliani has ties to Israel and to Department of Homeland Security (via Kerik.)
  • Homeland Security has ties to Michael Chertoff, who oversaw the writing of the PATRIOT Act --that just magically happened to be already written and waiting in the wings. And he has ties to Israel.
  • Larry Silverstein, I'm guessing, has ties to Israel.
  • McGreevey's Little Boyfriend, Israeli intelligence agent, has ties to DHS --his coveted New Jersey DHS post.

All skid marks lead to Israel.

I just can't find a single Muslim in this whole mix.

I'm so kookie for demanding facts and logic and reason. I know it's not fashionable. I'm a man out of time, apparently.