Saturday, November 17, 2007

I would like to explain the concept that I call "informational primacy."

It's the state of being the tallest mountain. Or the brightest light. It is the state of being so "famous" that you become known to the Future People --who, with the passage of time, become the Present People.

And everyone HAS to watch your show, because it is THE show.

In short, informational primacy is fame.

It means nothing to me other than its usefulness as a tool.

I chose stand-up comedy as a vehicle because fine comedians are rare. According to the formula by which I operate, I had to work to become a fine comedian SO THAT I could achieve informational primacy. I am counting on being very famous. I have to be famous. It's my tool. It is part of four-dimensional chess.

Being very famous is by now a foregone conclusion. It cannot be stopped. This informational "critical mass" has been achieved. It just needs to be released at my convenience.

The New World Order is dead. I killed it. But that occurs in a "pro-temporal frame," if that makes sense to you. We will have those who do not yet know that they work for people who have lost.

I would ask of the Future People to closely examine henceforth the video footage of Sean Hannity, for example. He reads my material. He knows that I have asked you to look into his eyes. So now, every time he looks into the camera, he will know that he is being scrutinized by generations of viewers who know what to look for. He will know that we can see the fear in his eyes.

He knows all too well that, without intervention, he is doomed. It will be hard for his unconscious mind not to beg forgiveness and to let the Freudian slips out. He will utter at some point, for example, the words "I am America's enemy."

And now he can't stop thinking about this. He can't stop trying not to say the words "I am America's enemy." Which is why he will utter them: Because the words occupy his every unconscious thought and represent the only avenue for his forgiveness.

Your unconscious mind, Mr. Hannity, will first confess your crimes. And then I will heal you.

Do you know who I am yet?