Sunday, November 11, 2007

And by the way,

when I describe to you my artistic process of not really knowing if anyone is in my audience, do not mistake that for some kind of hedging-of-bets posture. It's not, because intellectually I know full well who is in my audience.

  • So the IRS can try to collect taxes from someone who doesn't know that it's an unlawful fraud,
  • The State of Vermont and all other states can watch me exercise my right to travel, and
  • Michael Mukasey and Joseph Lieberman and Michael Chertoff can all have a Barnyard Animal Party together, where they lament the short supply of three-year-old girls and nine-year-old boys to screw without becoming unclean.

And of my latest plan to initiate non-linearity? Maybe I'll draw up the legal documents that detail the authority and evidence by which I indict several members of the Bush Administration. Then I'll travel to DC to deliver arrest warrants for them. (It should make great news, what with the numerous Pandora's Boxes of mine spewing forth their contents. We can have news cameras watch me roll into town and march up to the gate of the White House. And any decent members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff can assign military men to deliver to me the objects of my warrants. How's that sound?)

Chris King Pop Icon comin' to town... And I defy anyone to resist my moral authority.

Non-linearity is imminent. Get ready.