Saturday, November 17, 2007

"Five, four, three, two..."

Any stage illusionist knows that it is supremely easy to mesmerize an audience. And once you have them hypnotized, you can make them do anything: quack like ducks, walk funny, roll around on the floor, hand you their wallets...

I will tell you as a social observer --because I have at no time ever been part of your society, nor susceptible to the methods used against it-- that over the past six years you have been flapping your arms and making duck noises. And all I can do is shake my head at your performance.

Your entire society has been hypnotized. And you are doing some very dangerous things to yourselves for the benefit of your hypnotizers.

Here is a list of your stunning achievements over the past six years:
  • You kill hundreds of thousands of peaceful people for no discernible reason.
  • You torture people.
  • You make fathers fuck their sons in your gulags.
  • You make people eat each other's cum.
  • You depopulate entire swaths of land by salting it with depleted uranium.
  • You have allowed the public treasury to be completely looted.
  • You have delivered to an organized crime syndicate free access to your communications.
  • You have dismantled your system of law.
  • You take off your shoes at the airport and are permitted one travel-sized tube of toothpaste in a see-through bag.
  • You have video cameras everywhere.
  • Cops tase unconscious people for not obeying orders to wake up and college kids for asking questions.
  • You have delivered to the Executive branch permission to whisk anyone away never to be seen again.
Bravo. [slow, sarcastic clapping]

You have been taken advantage of by illusionists. They are nothing but traveling hucksters. They go from society to society and ruin them. It's what they do. Like the people known as "the travelers," that clan that travels from city to city and swindles the elderly by promising to make house repairs or whatever, these illusionists do the same thing. They did it to Russia, they did it to Germany, and now they're doing it to America.

Each people specializes in something: The Germans make fine cars, the Swiss produce chocolate, the Japanese make robots. Others ruin societies. It's their preferred business model. Someone has to do it, I suppose. There will always be traveling snake-oil salesmen.

There's only one person who can wake up an illusionist's audience: Another illusionist. Two can play that game...

In this case there is one phrase that will act as a snapping of fingers, one phrase that will wake you up, one phrase that will cause the entire illusion to evaporate:

"Israel did it."

If I can utter that phrase --and provide proof to back it up-- then you will wake from your slumber, the entire ruse will be visible, you will see your enemy, and Abe Foxman's head will explode in a massive supernova of brains.

Although I do suspect that Jews would make a delectable, tasty treat, that's not my main motivator. My goal over the past four years has been to utter that one magic phrase.

Israel is a satanic state. It exists as an insult to God. According to Jews themselves, it is an abomination and was not to be formed prior to the Messianic Redemption.

To be fair, "Jewish" satanists --again, a misnomer because, by definition, Jews do not worship Satan-- these Jewish satanists have plenty of co-workers of other lineages. I have chosen my attack carefully and made the cool decision that the "Israel did it" phrase was the most direct route. Israeli complicity in 9-11 is, in my judgment, the weak link in the chain.

That is why I have done so much Jew material over the past three years. I had to navigate past their defenses. (Though I will concede that it was tremendously fun to give them a righteous beatdown.) I have managed to perform that material without being credibly accused of being ContraThem. Now I'm inside the control room, and there are no more defenses. All their guns are pointed outward. There's no one left guarding the inner sanctum. I'm stomping around and pulling wires and watching the sparks fly. And all I have to do at my leisure is to find the right wire to yank. ...And then it's all over.

I will find that smoking gun that causes the heads of Abe Foxman, Michael Chertoff, Michael Mukasey, and Joseph Lieberman to pop like an overripe, neglected pimple that spills its fruits upon receiving so much as a kind whisper.

And I am close to diagnosing the Jews' problem: There is a dark sect that walks among them. This sect ruins societies. It's their business model. This sect gives Jews a bad name.

And I will expose that sect for the malevolent hypnotists that they are.

Five, four, three, two...