Saturday, November 10, 2007

This is why unions must be smashed:

This isn't the Golden Age of Film. This isn't 1935 or whenever. It's a new world now. Things change quickly. It's hard to see around the bend.

If you are a member of a union that demands that you get a certain number of precious breaks, or that demands that no production can continue unless you have a special man who --and only who-- can put tape on the floor to cover the cables, then you have removed yourself from the pool of people who are moving into the future. You're operating in a world that no longer exists.

Moreover, it is unreasonable to expect one party to agree to a contract --that is, a long-term promise-- if the future cannot be divined.

So work should be done on a casual basis. "I'll work this job for you, and if you like my product and if I like your pay, then we'll work on another."

But, oh wait: You can't do that; the Glorious Parasitic Union forbids it. And it has its hooks in the state legislature that makes it illegal for someone to work in that field without being a member of the parasitic guild.

Shove a knife into that monster and kill it once and for all. Its captives will then be free to flourish or fail according to their own abilities.

In the future, the best and most profitable productions will occur in right-to-work jurisdictions.

I have never desired to join a union because my product was of sufficient quality not to require collective bargaining. The only people who require collective bargaining are those who produce a substandard product. Dullards love unions. The excellent hate them.

It is a maxim in any field that twenty percent of a team perform eighty percent of the work.

As part of that twenty percent, why would I want my fortunes tied to the inept bumblings of deadasses who require collective bargaining? I would want them out of the profession immediately and into the breadlines where they belong.

"You don't have a spirit of solidarity!" You got that right. That twenty percent has never been much concerned about romantic notions of solidarity. They're too busy inventing light bulbs and building dams and launching satellites.

Solidarity with dullards is an association that we don't need.