Thursday, November 08, 2007

It's amazing that it's come down to this.

The Congress is going to have to de-fund the Executive Branch. It's the equivalent of pulling the battery out of the robot run amok.

In a time where true leaders are needed, nearly all we have in the Congress are people who are concerned about their own re-elections. And they don't want to be called names.

The country is under attack and lawful government is being dismantled by ogres and gremlins, and the blow-dried fakes in Congress do absolutely nothing to stop it.

"But they'll call me 'soft on terror.'"

The moral cowardice on the part of those who are charged with handling these matters is astounding. Congress does nothing. The news media --and I certainly hope you people no longer utter the phrase "fourth estate" with anything other than a sense of comedic irony-- have let their monster child grow into an adult.

The Fourth Estate?! You're not even relevant. You're not even seated at the table, much less included in the discussion.

I lay the destruction of this nation squarely at the feet of the New York Times. It takes a special breed to do journalism and you're not it. Street-fighting bloggers do the news in this country now. You just wet yourselves and blubber.

Get out of the way. And do not ever presume to include yourselves in the class of those who comprise the Fourth Estate. It's an insult to those who wonder, "Is tonight the night they snatch me up?"

Don't you dare look a blogger in the eye.