Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I will point out--

--that the disrespect for fundamental law that allows for Social Security and SCHIP is the very same disrespect that allows for torture. You cannot condone one unlawful act while condemning another.

Government is a colossus of force. It destroys. That's what it does. It exerts political power, the utmost expression of which is the delivery of death upon its target.

This delivery of death may morally be exercised in defense of person and property alone. It is not morally exercised in "elective" functions. For example, deadly force is morally used in defense of one's person or in trying a murderer; it is not morally used in collecting taxes to pay for a community bus line.

If government knows only force --the utmost expression of which is the delivery of death-- and if deadly force is not morally justified in "elective" functions, then you see that elective functions have no place in government.

Government is an instrument of death. Don't try to change it into a catering service or bus line.

Like I kid to my friends who have a taste for big government and an abhorrence of torture: "Have you had enough of government yet? I dare say that you seem...cured..."

The question now to be posed to Americans is this: "Do you wish to live lawfully or unlawfully?" Because if you choose the latter, then you may not complain at what you may get.

We now see the true nature of government. It is an instrument of death. So keep it weak and small.