Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I'm continually stumped as to who is more stupid, Christians or Jews.

At least Jews know how to spell.

I will tell you that most so-called "Christians" are remarkably stupid people. They dress themselves up and go to the "church" socials and look down their noses at the coke addicts and the alcoholics and the prostitutes on the streets and cheer on the poisoning of the earth and the killing of people all in the name of Jesus.

Their "churches" are, for the most part, Satan's Playground. Jesus wouldn't set foot in their churches; he'd burn them to the ground. They've been converted into bingo parlors and dating services.

And now Pat Robertson, Mr. New World Order Satanist Himself, has endorsed Sociopathic Mass Murderer Rudy Giuliani.

Christians have pinned to their lapels the "Islamofascism" emblem but truly I suspect that most "Christians" would be hard pressed to spell it, much less define it, much less understand that it's an advertising term. "Something about a caliphate or something, whatever that is."