Friday, November 09, 2007

Mukasey doesn't actually know law very well.

...Unless it's some kind of barnyard animal law that permits rooting around in filth.

He contends that the President can ignore legislation if it conflicts with his supposed inherent authority to "defend the country."

The Executive is the junior partner here. Why? Because the Congress has the power to destroy it; it has the power to de-fund it. Obviously, then, an entity which is dependent upon the charity of another cannot be regarded as an equal, much less a superior.

The Executive is the piss boy. He carts the Legislature's piss like a good little street urchin and then disappears into his filthy hovel to await his next instruction. And should he presume to show his unwashed face where it does not belong, he gets a good caning.

So can we dispense with this cockamamie notion of the Unitary Executive?

And why it is the responsibility of a high school graduate, gas station attendant to instruct law professionals on matters of great legal import, I do not know.