Wednesday, November 07, 2007

"Hey: How come thee, um, satanist crossed tha, uh, road?"

Two years ago, [President Bush] appointed one of his most trusted aides, his former communications adviser Karen Hughes, to lead the administration's fight-back against Islamic extremism in an attempt to improve America's image abroad. Although well versed in PR, Ms Hughes speaks only English and a smattering of Spanish.

Now, in a decision just as perplexing, he has allowed her to desert the administration for a second time to return to her native Texas...


America remains a "proud beacon for human rights", she argues, despite the images of the abuse at the Iraqi jail of Abu Ghraib, the continued existence of the Guantanamo detention centre, and the outsourcing of torture to "black site" prisons outside America.

She's opening for Condoleezza Rice on their "Country-Fried Moron Tour."

She concludes her act at the VFWs and the county fairs on the circuit with an invitation to "join Condi and me after the show for some bingo at the defiled 501c(3) Christ's Church in Hog Neck. ...And bring your Left Behind collection, because we'll be awaiting Jesus' return when he comes down on a spaceship to see how well we've done."