Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm trying to deal with this in a sensitive way.

And I've grown tired of being angry at you. It's bad for the soul. So I can discuss this in a nuts-and-bolts way now.

Do you people fully understand what Zionism has done to you?

Israel has set Jews back 1500 years. It's out of the country club again with you people.

Do you fully comprehend what you've done to yourselves?

Unless you take steps RIGHT NOW to redeem yourselves, no decent person will so much as be seen in public with a Jew. ...But no one ever takes my advice.

Do you get this?

And I'm sorry to have to discuss these matters during Hanukkah. But I didn't know that your homeland was going to declare war on the United States. Things are happening fast. These things need to be dealt with on their own timetable.