Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I would like to know precisely what is happening with this case.

This is the case of the AIPAC agents, Rosen and Weissman, accused of spying for Israel.

In order to restore lawful government, it is vital that this wound be exposed for all the world to see. Let the trial begin.

Now there has been a major development on this front. No one took seriously the defense's motion, made a few months ago, that they be allowed to subpoena Condoleezza Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, National Security Council chief Stephen Hadley, and a whole platoon of government officials and former officials. The motion was made on the grounds that these officials, too, had transmitted classified information to AIPAC, and that this is proof that such behavior was and is routine, part of the normal way of doing business in the world of Washington lobbyists. The defendants' case has always been that they have a First Amendment right to commit espionage, and that their indictment amounted to a government assault on their right to "free speech." Gee, too bad the Rosenbergs never thought of this unique rationalization for treason, although I doubt it would've gotten them anywhere. The AIPAC defendants, however, may have more luck in this department…

No judge had ever allowed such a thing, at least in recent memory, and no one expected Judge Ellis to look favorably on this request. That he granted the defense motion in all but a few cases is bad news for the government – and good news for the Israel lobby, which may just be spared the embarrassment of having its essential nature as a fifth column for Israel exposed to the light of day.


You may not like to hear it, but I will tell you that Israel is in complete control of your federal government. This nut has to be cracked. I hear a whisper on the wind that the defense has proceeded along lines such that they intend to "raise the stakes" by promising to bring out information that would bring down the United States Government if this case is permitted to proceed. USG LLC is crashing anyway. So let the trial proceed and let us all see Israel's role in the destruction of the United States.

Israel's forces operate in the dark. Want to reclaim lawful government? Just turn on the light. It's that simple.