Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Beware this meme.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain warned Monday that Al-Qaeda could trigger a major US economic crisis with just one successful attack on a Middle Eastern oil installation.

The Arizona senator argued that terror groups understood America's reliance on foreign oil -- and did not believe it had the will to find alternative energy sources.

"Al-Qaeda plans for attacks on oil facilities in the Middle East to destroy the American economy," McCain said, in prepared remarks released by his campaign ahead of a speech in South Carolina.


I'm starting to see this one crop up. It is the "Al Qaeda could trigger an economic crisis, ergo, if one happens, it was Al Qaeda's fault" meme.

This didn't just come out of nowhere. John McCain gets his talking points from someone.

From a show business perspective, you do your material before it's needed, remember?

The economy is imploding. You may rest assured that those who caused the implosion will pin it on That Nemesis of Mythical Strength and Power, Al Qaeda. (You know, the people who demonstrably had nothing to do with anything.)

John McCain works for the people who caused the destruction of the United States. He's pushing their bilge.

Once the economy implodes, the "government" will step in and offer to help everyone out. ...But only if you'll put this pretty necklace on... To protect you all from Al Qaeda --the ones who caused this whole thing, you know. So turn in your guns and gold in the name of fighting the terriss.

And once you accept the "government's" help, your total enslavement will be complete.

(You can hone your BS detector by learning to spot memes. When a notion just seems to appear out of nowhere, from multiple locations, it has been deliberately caused to come into being by someone.)