Thursday, November 22, 2007

They have substance eaters too, I guess.

British MEPs have reacted with outrage to a planned Euro-census which would demand details about every woman's sexual partners.

UK Independence Party MEP Derek Clark urged women to protest by claiming they are virgins or have 1,000 sexual partners if the proposal is approved.

The proposed new European Commission power to collect facts and figures on population and housing across the EU would go further than any national census, Mr Clark warned.

The information the Commission wants to be allowed to gather includes information on the "consensual unions" of all women in the EU.


See, customers of those old-fashioned, uppity, fuddy-duddy "states" have to submit to all kinds of stupid stuff.

I'm looking over my agreement with USov. It says here:

"Should any United Sovereigns of America employee ever demand to know how many people you've fucked, you are within your rights to drive a fist right through their face. Then we'll fire that employee. Why do you have this right? Because we want your business. You could easily hire someone else in this new age of the absence of territorial jurisdiction. Thanks."