Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So if the very notion of territorial jurisdiction was extinguished,

what is the practical result for the states' Lovingly Compiled Compendia of Shit-Caked Pieces of Paper?

Let's take this as an example: The State of Vermont says that bars within its territory may not permit smoking. (The State cannot perform its most basic functions, so it busies itself with flashy crowd-pleasers like this.) This prohibition exists despite the fact that neither the proprietor of the bar nor the patrons may have a problem with it.

In the absence of territory, the law has no effect.

The State's agents will likely try to enforce the law. I would imagine that the bar owner's PPU security will be successful in convincing the State's agents to go home without causing a scene.

"Yeah, that's a silly law anyway."

"Not to mention that you no longer have jurisdiction. There is a cost associated with not performing your assigned function, you know. Your customer is now ours. Goodbye."

And in the absence of territory (a component of the definition of a "state") the states become merely PPU's, operating on a similar moral footing with any other PPU's within the territory.

Let's do a comparison, using the State of Vermont (for no particular antagonistic reason) and United Sovereigns of America:

PPU of Vermont's Customers:
  • Require permission to work.
  • Require permission to travel.
  • Pay yearly fees equal to income, sales, and property taxes.
  • May not smoke in bars.
  • May not grow the wonder crop and wonder food known as hemp.
  • Get finger-fucked on demand.

USA's Customers:
  • Require no man's permission to work.
  • Require no man's permission to travel.
  • Pay $5000 per year in fees.
  • Can smoke in bars, if the proprietor permits it.
  • Are free to do what they please, assuming that such action does not run counter to USA's guidelines or its Interoperability Agreements with other PPU's.
  • Are free to drive a .45 round into the face of any who would finger-fuck them.
As you can imagine, the PPU's will siphon away the customers of the states until the states' only customers are the welfare recipients. This will cause budgetary problems. Bye bye, states.

There is a cost associated with not performing your assigned function.

"Chris! This PPU scheme is unworkable! We'll have lawlessness!"

What do you think we have now?

It's a new world, everyone. Wake up, open your eyes, and move forward. Yesterday is gone.