Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Betcha they'd take LIberty Dollars.

The Taj Mahal may have been built as a testament to love but some hard-headed business decisions are now holding sway at India's most famous monument. First among them is that the US dollar is no longer welcome.

With parts of the American economy in turmoil and the dollar rapidly losing its long-held position as the currency of choice, Indian authorities have calculated they are losing considerable sums of money by allowing foreign tourists to pay using greenbacks.


Now you see why the FBI wants them out of business.

Have you sold your interest in that pig currency yet?

Buying gold coins is easy: Pick one: American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, Krugerrands, Pandas, or even the Liberty Dollar. The price you will pay will be somewhere around three percent above the "spot price" of gold. Go here to check out the prevailing prices: kitco.com

And eventually the US "government" will make owning and trading in gold coins illegal. They'll say that the Terriss use gold coins. But what they're really doing is forbidding the use of gold coins so that their penny-shining masters' pig currency will still have some value. They'll try to seize your gold coins, so DO NOT keep them in a safe-deposit box.

The US "government" will brand you a terriss for owning coins. The proper response at that point is, "Please fuck off immediately."