Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm so not getting a TV show.

And you know what? I really don't care. The nature of the medium is probably such that I would be limited to doing meaningless material.

Dershowitz is a member of the Traveling Jewish Hucksters. They roam from society to society and ruin them. He's an ex-communist. He likes authoritarian systems of government.

And I think if you were to look closely, you would find that he's a satanist. Which means he's not actually Jewish.

Let's look at this impressive passage again:

"If you torture, then what separates you from -- the Nazis, or somebody else?" asked Brzezinski.

"Every government faced with a ticking bomb would, in fact, torture, and we would do it in order to get information to save lives," Dershowitz answered. "The essence of a democracy, if you're going to do something, you have to admit you're doing it and you have to have control over it and you have to have restrictions on when it can be done. ... If it's going to be done in a democracy, then you have to make everybody accountable for it."

"It's been found that torture doesn't cough up good information at all times," Brzezinski pointed out.

"That's just dead wrong," Dershowitz stammered. "It works sometimes."


This is pure, meaningless sophistry. I didn't know that admitting you're doing something and then making everyone accountable for it if you're going to do something was the "essence of democracy."

The man sells garbage for a living. And should a society be so unfortunate as to buy it, that society gets destroyed. (Much like American society is now.)

Bill Kristol is another member of the Traveling Jewish Hucksters. All he can do is smile that creepy smile of his and spew forth lies.

Nearly every Jew I've seen on TV for the past six years is a member of the Traveling Jewish Hucksters. They defile the minds of their audiences merely by opening their mouths.

And the sad part here is that they're not even Jewish.

The Traveling Jewish Hucksters have some kind of communal psychic sickness. They despise themselves, they despise life, and they despise beautiful things. So it is their calling to spread poison.

And the Jews permit them to do business from their house.