Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I want to have spoken my final cross word about Jews.

But here's what angers me:

You come home to find your girlfriend beaten unconscious and raped.

Your best friend, who is forever lamenting that everyone hates him and he doesn't know why, fingers someone. So you go completely apeshit on that someone. Your buddy is egging you on the whole way.

Well... Come to find out... It was your alleged best friend who did it.

So you can see why I would go completely apeshit on Jews. Right about now, all I can do when I even see a Jew is to roll my eyes.

Thanks for completely fucking up my relationships with Jews.

And you knew who it was... You somehow knew... You had your suspicions... You heard the whispers. You knew what your troglodyte nation was all about.

Will you redeem yourselves? I doubt it. But if you wanted to, you could start by scaling back on that disgusting spectacle known as the bat mitzvah (paid for with 10 mill in embezzled money) and buy that veteran a new fake leg. Or that veteran with a scar-tissue face and that amorphous hole where his mouth used to be? Buy him a new face so he can find himself a girlfriend.

I don't like bad blood. So I will forgive you. But it's gonna take some effort on my part. Forgive me if I seem angry sometimes.