Saturday, July 08, 2006

Temporal Focusing

When it is said that the pen is mightier than the sword, what is meant is that the temporal power of a written blow is mightier than a physical one. The sword kills only in the temporal frame in which it is thrust. The joke kills forever. It is a blow in a fight that may be savored endlessly.

The past and future do not exist. They are perceptual conveniences that lend a conceptual framework to experiencing The Field. They are handmaidens to the one moment. The past and future are continuously rewritten, so as to be in informational harmony with the present. Your "memory" of the past is merely your perception of the informational state which you call the "past." And when the present changes, the supporting informational state which you perceive as the "past" changes, too. This leads you to believe that your newly perceived "past" is the same as it's always been. And physical "evidence" of the past changes, too; the world will organize itself to support the present moment.

Present moments may change, along an arc of informationally consistent and economically plausibly linked possible moments. I cannot take two steps and be in New Hampshire; this is not an informationally consistent next present. I must cross the river first. So the proper informationally consistent and economically plausibly linked moments are such that I must first step the necessary number of steps to go to the river, and then to row across.

There are things that I say and do that make no sense in the temporal frame in which they are issued. They don't even make sense to me half the time. But I have faith --and always did have faith-- to say and do as I am counseled. These utterances take on new meaning and power in protemporal frames. This is because --as I now understand-- those informational waves are combining with other waves in the target temporal frame. This is called temporal focusing, and is a skill too complex to be performed by the conscious mind. That's why one must have faith. ...Faith in some deeper part of oneself, or in some greater entity.

My enemies should be aware that I now know how to exercise temporal focusing.

I have the power to attack across time.

I'd say that makes me pretty dangerous, especially when combined with non-linearity.