Saturday, July 08, 2006

Huh. What's under here?

I will leave it to better minds to fully piece together the events leading up to the horror story of 9-11. The operational minutiae do not interest me. I am concerned only with tracking the guilty parties. They and I will have our stand...

No matter what door I kick in, I see chocolatey Israeli fingerprints. From Israeli airport security companies, to Israeli art students, to Israeli moving companies, to the Israeli agents in the Office of Special Plans,... to the Project for the New American Century, to "A Clean Break," to McGreevey's little boyfriend, to Cucka News,... I can't seem to find a single Muslim at the crime scenes. I find only the overweight boy, the outcast, the one who wants his day in the sun. I find the one who has given himself over to the dark force.

At these crime scenes, I find only Jews.*

Whatever have you been up to?

You can call me ContraYou all you want. You're just ContraMe. So there.

Run! Run! Run! The rock is lifted!...


*It is true that the architects and beneficiaries of Israel are not Jews; the architects worship a malevolent god. They have employed unwitting Jewish dupes to provide the pathos for their show, as well as to till the land. They have insinuated themselves among the Jews in order to have some plausible claim to some hypothetical "ancestral homeland" in Palestine, and, thus, to erect an outpost in this strategically vital part of the world. But if the Jews are happy to allow them to leer from the windows of their house, then I'm happy to call them Jews, too. Their choice...