Saturday, July 08, 2006

Operation Fuck The Commies


1. 9-11 was an inside job,

2. The executive branch of your federal government has been taken over by what you may safely regard as communists (who were always a front for mere businessmen anyhow, but I'm happy to use their own advertising term against them),

3. Those communists very badly need to make you less free (and, indeed, take great joy in having emasculated the vaunted American sense of "freedom"),

4. and everyone now knows this (at least those who follow such things.)

Most don't know what to do about it. So I unveil:


We all know those little ways that we impede an undeserving boss or a company procedure that we don't agree with. We lose paperwork, we forget to fill the toner, we "lost" that document or recording. Oops. It's hardly a firing offense...

The whole system is functioning on your own energy. Just stop doing the bad things. Don't arrest people for bullshit, don't shove bananas up people's asses, don't let lies pass your lips again.

So if you're involved in the system and you don't like it, just find ways to fuck it. And spread the truth. Because when you do, the indictment against your enemies is so damning that everyone will be caught off guard and they won't know how to deal with you. They won't dare try to publicly punish you. They'd be proving your case.

The executive branch is rotten because of, oh, I'd guess --who knows...-- a hundred people? And you know who they are... How many decent people are there in that branch? I'm guessing tons more. You can easily ignore the instructions of your bosses because the orders are unlawful. They were founded on a false flag operation. They were founded on a lie. And you will have all the armor you need when you indict those same bosses.

"You were in on it. And here's the proof."


"I don't think so."

Well we don't, either. You will have the favor of the Citizens' Lawful Government Tribunals.

More later. Freedom's on the way! And I wrote a hit play! ...So I'm not sweating it, either...