Friday, July 07, 2006

RidicuLexicon Entry: ContraMe (n, adj)

I have invented a new word. It is an advertising term. I call it "ContraMe." It is used to describe those who are against me. Its entry in my RidicuLexicon reads thusly:

"Whosoever shall maintain that I am not the smartest or the best in all respects, or who shall make disparaging comments about me, my opinions, or my Farah Fawcett-Majors hair, shall be guilty of being ContraMe."

The ContraMe are very bad people. They eat babies and despise all that is good. So, obviously --duh-- anyone who is against me is bad and, logically, that makes me good.

You may know a ContraMe --or ContraHim, if my audience is referring to me and my enemies in the third person-- because they are against me. And their utterances may be ignored as the unseemly product of being ContraMe. Plain and simple. There.


1. "The ContraMe have a congenital hatred of me. You can ignore them and whatever they say."

2. "That's a slanderous, ContraMe thing to say! How come you hate me so much?"

3. "Some say that Chris King Pop Icon is off base regarding his position on the popular vote, to wit: He believes that a vote is an abstracted, sublimated expression of the individual war-making power and, as such, the vote should not be granted to those unlikely to have the desire or ability to wage war. The issue his detractors have is one of how to properly gauge the true popular sen--"

"--Oh, they're just ContraHim. Ignore them. They're so full of hate."