Sunday, November 25, 2007

Would you agree that I can see what's coming down the pike?

Rumors have been flying recently that Tucker Carlson could soon be on the way out at MSNBC. In a report that aired this morning on NPR, Phil Griffin, a senior vice president at the cable network, described Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews as part of the MSNBC "brand". Asked whether Mr. Carlson was also part of that brand, Mr. Griffin replied: "He is right now."

Not exactly a vote of confidence.


Tucker Carlson is a good boy. And I don't call him that dismissively. I mean to say that he is old enough to be taken seriously but young enough to bring some new perspective to things. It's a pretty good place to be.

I disagree with some of what he says, but those are neocon retard talking points pushed on him by someone. And he certainly will not benefit by his association with that filth-monger Bill Kristol and that garbage neocon rag The Weekly Standard. If he's smart, he'll ditch them; they're using his fresh, unsullied face to push their bilge. The whole warmongering, lying neocon filth machine has jumped the shark. And any who continue to shill for them have long-since missed their train transfer.

I have read elsewhere that MSNBC considers its new "brand" to be "liberal" --or whatever. It appears that they wish to move in that direction.

NBC is My Ho Network. I am protective toward them and do not wish to see misfortune befall them. So my suggestions go much further than the precipitating rumor regarding Tucker Carlson.

Ignore the deformed brain children of your marketing types. They have no idea what they're talking about. Let me tell you where the future lies: It's not in identifying yourselves as liberal or conservative. That is a false paradigm. "Divide and conquer," remember?

Americans are fed up with the whole left-right bullshit. That's why you see more people identifying as politically independent or even Libertarian.

Liberals are almost as stupid as conservatives. Libertarians get a big, ol' belly laugh out of watching them try to make sense. The only reason why I watch MSNBC is because they push less bullshit than anyone else. They appear to be the channel of reason. Facts, rational thinking, and reason prevail there --for the most part.

If I want bullshit, I'll watch Fox news.

Liberal claptrap is just more bullshit.

You rebrand yourselves as "liberal" and you'll just be a mirror image of Fox. ...And I'll just completely turn television news off --as will plenty of other viewers.

I don't have time in my life for sifting through bullshit talking points, be they liberal or conservative.

The truth is interesting and compelling and engaging enough. Don't brand yourselves as "liberal" or "conservative" or whatever else. Just deliver reason.

People have an appetite for reason and change. Give it to them. You will make money. Is that clear enough for your marketing geniuses?