Friday, November 30, 2007

Is that all it takes to get a better job?

Two FEMA public relations staffers who posed as reporters during a staged news conference about the California wildfires last month no longer have their jobs -- but only because the disaster management agency has promoted them to better ones.

"After our item, and an investigation of what Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff called 'one of the dumbest and most inappropriate things I've seen since I've been in government,'" [Washington Post columnist Al] Kamen reports, "we're happy to announce that Taylor and Widomski appear to have been disciplined, FEMA-style. They've received the promotions they were in line to get."


Yup: This "government" has completely lost all credibility. When you are proven to be a fraud, you lose moral authority. When you lose moral authority, you lose political and legal authority. (You can't much enforce laws when people give an involuntary bark of laughter in your face.)

There is a retarded man in my town who wears only shirtsleeves in the winter and cuts his hair strange and makes whooping noises and gives the finger to passing cars. He's a laughingstock. He told me once that he was the King of Bellows Falls and that I had to do what he said. I just smiled amusedly and continued on about my business, kind of like when I got a letter from the IRS telling me that they wanted some money. (Please suck it.)

And I'm getting tired of using air quotes whenever I have to talk about the "government." When you have to use air quotes just to talk about a thing, I'm pretty sure the thing doesn't exist anymore.

So let's all "respect" the "edicts" of the "government" and the "professionals" "working" within it.