Friday, November 30, 2007

Cheer up, my Jewish friends...

...I will let you off the 9-11 hook soon enough.

The high school teacher will first use the "planetary model" to describe atomic structure. You know, little electrons orbiting a nucleus. As a model, it works well enough to explain it to freshmen. But that's not really what happens...

The "Israel did it" model works well enough. If you had to finger one culprit to the dirty-footed man in the street, you would finger Israel. Muslims had nothing to do with 9-11. Jews did. The model is more true than it is false. (And therein lies the real danger to you.)

But like the planetary model of atomic structure, this is an oversimplification.

It was actually the Military-Industrial-Banking Complex. (Also known as the New World Order.) But this is too complicated for Johnny Dirty-Foot to understand.

I'm still not sure exactly who comprises this cabal, but there are many interlocking "families" within this crime syndicate. The Bush family is one. (You will recall Prescott Bush's Nazi connections.) George Bush is a satanist. You will find many photos of him flashing the "devil's horns" hand sign. Skull and Bones is a satanic organization.

There is also a satanic "Jewish" lineage to this cabal. I'm not yet clear on this, but the Sabbateans and Frankists keep popping up. Whoever it turns out to be, you know full well who I'm talking about.

This dark sect that walks among you fried your brothers in Hitler's ovens so that they could have the boo-hoo points to form Israel.

You have benefited greatly by allowing this sect to insinuate itself among your people. And you have been content to look the other way when they get up to their tricks. You figured you would profit. Get good jobs, receive favorable treatment, get a TV show, take part in the pity party. To this extent, you are complicit in their crimes. You have a symbiotic relationship with this band of thieves.

But far from profiting by an association with them, it has cost you much. You have defiled yourselves in allowing them to act in your name.

You have proven yourselves to be a singularly disgusting people. You're a global punch line now. And just wait until the thug on the subway learns that "Israel did it." The secret is out: You're just a bunch of grunting pigs.

You now have my permission to go to the restroom, hunch over the toilet, and vomit. And why not? You make the rest of us want to.

You cannot become well until you first know how sick you are.

Vomit like you've never vomited before. Get rid of it.

...And take my hand, my Beautiful Ones... Your enslavement is over.