Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm tired of being angry all the time.

It makes for mean humor and I don't really care for that. And it's bad for the soul. And it makes for a more negative world.

And I'm over the whole Jew thing. That one just sticks in my craw. It's like if your house gets burglarized by some random person, you get over it after a while. But when the thief turns out to be the guy you had befriended, who had cultivated your confidence, that's something that you just continue to stew about. You can't get the betrayal out of your head.

(And I know it's not all Jews --not like it's THE JEWS-- just the thieves who trade upon their woe-is-us shtick.) Screaming at all of them is as equally unjust as the dirty-footed moron throwing a beer bottle at the guy walking down the street just because there's no horse shit on his clothes.

So I'll let Jews figure out their new M.O.

So I'm going to work on a new kind of humor. Something upbeat and happy.

Here's one:

"Hey: I saw some kittens the other day --and who here doesn't like kittens, right?-- and I'm wondering, I say to myself, what's with the whole whiskers thing? Why are cats so cute and cuddly? They've got these dangerous weapons called claws that they use to pluck people's eyeballs out with and scream that feral scream of theirs and bring terror to the night while dragging around an eyeball with the nerves still attached that drag through the sand like wet spaghetti. ... ..I was just thinking..."

See? I can't stop.