Sunday, November 25, 2007

Did they grunt like pigs before they fired?

Palestinian media sources announced Saturday death of two brothers in northern Gaza Strip, after the Israeli army opened fire on them near the Eritz checkpoint (Beit Hanoun crossing).

Dr. Moawiya Abu Hasanain, chief of emergency and ambulance department at the Palestinian health ministry, identified the killed as Ra'fat and Talal Abu Shraina, 40 and 41.

The health official confirmed that several bullets riddled in the victims' bodies, before they were pronounced dead.

Witnesses said that both Ra'fat and Talal, were rushing towards their farm land after they were informed that the Israeli army bulldozers were razing the land.

Witnesses added that the Israeli army opened fire at them, as they were attempting to prevent the bulldozers from razing their farmland.


"Come visit our beautiful troglodyte nation! ...Everyone hates us and we don't know why..."

"You see, in our Barnyard Animal Law, we can kill non-Jews because they're not really human."

That's funny, because it's becoming more and more apparent that it's Jews who are the complete animals of the world. Grunt Snort