Monday, November 06, 2006

Yahoo! Music: Wild, Wild West by The Escape Club

Chris King Pop Icon ( has sent you a page from the Yahoo! Music Jukebox.

Click here to view the following: Wild, Wild West by The Escape Club

Personal message:
This is the music for the parade scene of "Chris' Madcap Adventures on Planet Credulon."

In it, there is a lawnmower parade through downtown Cootersville.

Most people are wearing crowd-pleasing WTC T-shirts and smoke Hi-Vals.

The parade has a brigade of people with dogs' heads sewn on their bodies. They gesticulate in time with the music and do dance moves.

Then there is the baby carriage procession, where each carriage has a smiling baby with intestines growing out of its ears and eyes winking (in time to the music) on belly-mounted eye stalks.

Chris wonders what the fuck is going on.

After the parade, people return to their homes to see that they are occupied by Chinese people, who now own the country. The residents of Cootersville are presented with a pair of flip-flops and are driven to the town dump, where they rummage through garbage to the tune of Lee Greenwood playing in the background.

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