Friday, November 10, 2006


[Chris just offstage, changing wardrobe]

No... We _do_ want the Patriot Act gone. We want habeas corpus back, we want DHS destroyed and its commie in chief arrested, and we want all post-9/11 "terrorism"-related legislation rolled back. It was all based on lies.

If you don't do that, then that abomination continues to bear no likeness to the United States.

Oh, and start sidling away from 9-11 actor Israel.

No foolin. Let's stay on track. You can take your minimum wage and your health care and shove them up your ass.

Do not take your cue from the average dumbass in the street. At no time did they have any idea how close they were to having a boot on their necks forever. We have a little breathing room. Dismantle this police state now while you have the chance.