Monday, November 06, 2006

Listen up, you Wall Street fat cats (and similar types.)

That's right, moneybags, I'm talkin to you.

Want to give something back to the world? Go to Amazon and buy ten copies of TerrorStorm. You know, the documentary that exposes 9-11. You know, the lie you don't have the guts to talk about. The lie that's ruined this nation.

Alex Jones makes next to nothing (if anything) from the sales of these DVDs. He openly encourages people to copy and distribute his films. Unlike you, he ain't in it for the money.

It is important to order this film from this link because it pushes it up in the Amazon rankings and exposes it to a wider audience. It is flirting with the top ten most popular DVDs at Amazon. It needs to stay there.

This is an information war. You've been drafted.

Go here and buy ten. I did. Buy a hundred. Or a thousand. I know full fuckin well you can afford it.

Amazon TerrorStorm Link

If you have the cash to do so and you don't buy this now, don't show your face around here again.