Friday, November 10, 2006

Well that didn't last long.

You people are already going astray. I saved the world, so I guess I'm kind of obligated to see that it not be reduced to shit so soon.

I was thinking about starting a distinct, new show. A change of wardrobe and a breather. New title, maybe. It would require taking a couple weeks' vacation.

But I don't know what I would do without you people. (You know, the ones who exist most likely entirely inside my mind. Because I have no empirical proof that any of you are seeing my show and, thus, exist at all. Welcome to my world.)

So maybe a compromise: I'll just continue doing a show, and this will evolve into whatever it's supposed to be. I do want to focus on more fun stuff. I can't handle doing vicious material all the time. We were in some hairy situations, folks. It was no time to mince words. I meant everything I ever said, though I may not have had the time or the inclination to package the sentiment in such a way that I controlled your minds into thinking that I was the best. You see.

But there is an artistic beauty to a well crafted sentiment. Since we have the time, I would like to engage in more of them.