Friday, November 03, 2006

Why is everyone a comedian now?

That Ann Coulter, the one who has (had) a job because her bosses knew that dirty-footed men would want to put their cum in her, claimed the defense --or was afforded the defense-- of comedic hyperbole. She's not funny. She's no comedian. Mike Douglas may have introduced her...

That Macacawitz, up on stage, making like he's just killing, busting a gut over his own Macaca joke. Har dee har har. Joke's on you.

Everyone in the Bush Administration is just such the comedian. And they all laugh at their own non-funny jokes, providing the laugh track.

And now Kerry claims to have botched a "joke." (I'm still not sure what's going on here.)

Dammit all, if you people want to claim to be a comedian, you go get up on stage --in front of a bunch of pissed off people who want nothing more than to hate you. Figure it out as you go. Try baking a cake when you don't even know what a cake is.

If you come out of that being funny, alive, and with your self-esteem intact, then you get to call yourself a comedian.

What you're doing is not comedy. And I will not allow you to debase this profession. ...Any more than it can be, that is...