Friday, November 03, 2006

And to the states and localities...

I will point out that when the "Feds" claim the power to militarize the streets without state or local interference, they mean to say that any such state or local effort to repulse such a force will not find favor within the federal legal system.

Everyone knows the federal legal system is obscenely deranged. So one's "crime" --whatever it may be-- cannot be a damning indictment.

In an age of information, all trials are public trials. Remember that. In the court of public opinion, the charge would never stick. Because everyone hates the Feds. And everyone knows the legal system is murderously deranged.

It's easy to beat that rap: You're defending your citizens from a hijacked executive. You're actually doing the Feds a are alerting them to the fact that their legal system has been hijacked. You're the good guy.

(And I will remind you that since the organized militia's original purpose was to aid the United States as well as to protect from its derangements, the Feds have no claim to its sole exercise.)