Friday, November 03, 2006

This is how you sell things to customers.

You take your product --the one that has already been fabricated, the one you already have sitting on the shelf, needing selling-- and you package it according to the likely needs and desires of your target market.

The salesman asks himself this question: "Need an energy outpost?" Yes.

"What are its characteristics? What are the characteristics of the product?" It must be located in the center of a global power locus.

"How does one --at the force of arms-- create such an outpost?" Make it seem desirable... To the Arabs? No... They already own the energy... Who else could we sell it to? The Jews?

"But how? And why?" These Holy books of theirs --the ones we laugh at-- mention something about a homeland... What if we position this as their homeland? That may work... They've been pissed on for so long that they'll love the idea...

"Yes. It's the homeland. But how do we sell it to the world? The establishment of the homeland might seem a bit out of the blue... In a show, there must always be a reason for everything...

"How do we generate the support for such a thing?" We'll employ the theatric device known as pathos. Properly and not hamhandedly done, pathos will let the director get away with _anything_...

"But how to generate the pathos?" Here's one sure-fire way...

Kill a lot of them.


I know more about the history of your "homeland" than you do --the important stuff, anyway. That's because I have viewed it impassively, as the student of geopolitics would. No religious fervor, no tears streaming down my face, but a cigarette in one hand and flipping the pages of a book with the other.

If you care to study the matter, you will find that The Hitler was financed by moneychangers. You know, the people to whom an additional shiny penny warrants killing your brothers.

You will find chicanery in the declined offers to provide safe passage of Jews from eastern Europe during that dark reign. The offers were declined, well, for obvious reasons...

The architects and beneficiaries of Israel are not Jewish. And they needed your brothers dead for...structural...purposes.

Your brothers died not so that you could have a homeland, but so that the product could be positioned as your homeland.

Simple geopolitics. Simple theater.


Nice product you got there... 9-11 actor and all... And your people are right back where you started... But now there's a new generation to hate Israel and, by extension, you.

Your purchase got you nothing and will likely cost you much.

Your brothers died so that someone could make more money.

At no time was the homeland part ever relevant.


These things happen to the best of us...