Friday, November 03, 2006

I'm getting tired of the whole exposing hypocrisy thing. Can I do some shit jokes now?

"In an interview with MSNBC, influential US evangelist Reverend Ted Haggard has admitted to purchasing illegal drugs from a male prostitute, but denied using them."


Yup. I'm going to place myself in legal jeopardy by buying illegal drugs and then not bother using them.

"Haggard also admitted to leaving voice mail messages for prostitute Michael Jones and receiving a massage from his accuser. He contended that he first met the man through a hotel referral for a masseuse."

OK... This type of "masseuse" does not get referrals from hotel concierges. In the gay world, "masseuses" advertise in alt-weeklies and gay newspapers. It is kind of...understood...that there will be jerking off or some pole smoking or even worse after the "massage." And I'm guessing that the...Reverend...Haggard sought out a male prostitute as opposed to a more respectable female prostitute because the male one had...the equipment...he wanted. Get it?

I'm getting sick of this. Why can't everyone just be a proud fag-ridiculing, nigger-hating anti-semite? It's a very no-bullshit existence, you know. And everyone's better for it...