Friday, November 03, 2006

I will be making some changes at Comedy Central.

As the Chief Executive Officer of CKPI Industries LLC, I have enfolded Comedy Central into my empire.

I get all that good programming. And Viacom gets nothing.

To the myopic, distinctly unfunny suit who declined to deliver a television show to me --probably because I make disparaging comments about Jews (in addition to reminding them of their status as Beings of Light, might I add)-- to that person let it be known that you are to vacate my office immediately. If this was a concensus decision --all the rage in today's "Not Me!" atmosphere of responsibility-- then you are all fired. I just get a bigger office, is all.

I hereby consent to employees uttering --upon passing any affected offices-- "Sheesh! I don't know why this guy is still in Chris' office. Doesn't he get it? Chris wins."

It's actually OK with me if we leave the clips off You Tube LLC, the wholly owned subsidiary of CIA Search Engine, Google, LLC.

More later.