Friday, November 03, 2006

Why bother?

Assuming that your vote is even counted,

1. Corporate attorneys write the legislation that gets voted on sight unseen.

2. Intelligence agencies maintain dossiers on legislators, and use that information to blackmail them.

3. Intelligence agencies eliminate uncooperative legislators, such as Wellstone.

4. There has been an unseemly melding of the legal mechanisms of United States Government LLC with the legal mechanisms of other corporations. That is, officials act sometimes in their capacity as representatives of United States Government LLC and sometimes as representatives of other corporations. And to the people, all these actions appear to be the actions of the United States.

The entire system is a fraud.

I do not necessarily advocate dropping out of the system, but I will point out that voting registers only one thing: your faith in --and desire to participate in-- this fraud, the fruits of which are barbarity and human misery. Nothing else.