Sunday, October 08, 2006

Wait. I've figured out the solution...finally.

We can solve a number of problems at once: After 9-11 actor Israel is erased, we'll take the empty REX-84 internment camps and fill them with the Jews who infest Washington. We'll put them to work in the camp woodshop, making dreidels for sale in the gift shop at "9-11 Land: The Theme Park." The dreidels spell out, "A miracle happened here! We got erased!"

We'll appropriate the property of Jews to compensate Muslims, and we'll turn their distinctly unfunny comedy clubs into gay bars. We'll take Larry Silverstein's ill gotten insurance money from his WTC "investment" and buy everyone ecstacy and roofies.

We'll put the camp comedians to work on stage at 9-11 Land. They'll tell their best jokes:

"Say, Sol... That Condoleezza Rice... She a...pistol! Some call her the...dragon lady!"

"That's right, Hymie. And she has...a, too! ...I bet no one...will accidently call her...Condoleezza _Nice_!" Ha Ha Ha. [audience laughs uproariously at the best of Jew humor.]

See? A number of problems solved. Finally.


This did not read properly with that there.