Saturday, July 01, 2006

False Flags

I find it highly unlikely that this young Israeli soldier by the name of Shalit was abducted by Palestinians. In the calculus of war, it makes no strategic sense. This appears to be a classic false-flag operation. If this kid was abducted at all, it was likely by Israelis or their Palestinian dupe-agents.

The pathos is now set. Israel gets to execute its show. "Look at our suffering! We're killing those Palestinians because of their affront to decency!"

The next phase of the Great Hahperdidah Wars is started. And it was started by Israel. Just so you know...

By deception do we wage war. You too, huh?


And I find it unlikely that those two American soldiers were abducted and killed by "insurgents." Israel needed them dead for the same reason.

The Eye of Sauron has alighted upon you...

Like I said, it'll be fun watching the FakeState of Israel get erased. [While it is true that an "ancestral homeland" founded solely for the taking of others' property has no right to exist, the Palestinians must allow the Jewish settlers safe passage from that territory. Otherwise they will have no moral standing to reclaim that land.]