Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Why are you talking?

As you now likely understand, your society is under attack by those who employ government. Under the pretext of prosecuting a War on Terror, they have spared themselves the burden of public trials of their enemies; they reserve the right to arrest and detain whomever they wish, for as long as they like. The justice system in this country no longer exists. All trials are media showpieces. Evidence is not relevant.

It is a dire state of affairs when your society's defense attorneys are comedians.*

Look how far you've come... It's probably safe to take down the tattered American flag from your car antenna, sit down, and shut the fuck up.

Those of us who know better now have to clean this shithole that your type will have something worth hooting and hollering about as you wave your ninety-nine-cent flag.


*It is true that the heavy lifting is done by journalists in the modern media, and that your defense comedians take their cue from them. It is we who must popularize it by casting those truths in entertaining forms, however.