Sunday, June 25, 2006

New York Times

OK. The New York Times runs a great story about that banking surveillance program run in Belgium as part of the War Against the Flying Car People. Dick Cheney moans that it places American "national security" at risk. Salesmen for the war profiteers try to make like they're comedians or something (sheesh) and try to make fun of the Times. Sophists urge that the Times be burnt to the ground for treason.

I enjoy reading the Times each Sunday. I take one off the rack at the gas station during my shift and read most of the articles. It's a good read. I am particular about replacing the sections so that it does not look like I am guilty of theft of service, and I place it back on the rack. And then I read In Touch Weekly to see what the stars are up to.

You've got a good feel for this news thing. But as a man who suffers from Cuckoo-Head Conspiracy Man Syndrome, I feel qualified to inform you of what you are up against.

Here is what has happened --regardless of whether you consider these points to be respectable topics of conversation. (No one has to know that we had this chat.)

1. People who you may safely regard as communists have stolen your government. They employ low-level functionaries to man positions in it, up to and including the President. This is not what is known as "lawful government." That entity no longer exists.

2. 9-11 was an inside job. This is beyond reasoned dispute, and is proven by the simple use of a three-dollar calculator in comparing the speed of a "pancake" collapse with the speed of a collapse of a controlled demolition. It's pretty simple, really. This attack was likely carried out by intelligence agencies and rogue elements of the US and Israeli militaries. The YuckyMen had nothing to do with it. The YuckyMen's sole offense was possessing something that a sophisticated band of thugs wanted.

3. The executive branch of what purports to be the United States Government is preparing to declare martial law. And guess who they've got AssBananas waiting for...

As long as you operate within the fake "terrorism" paradigm, it will be supremely easy to paint you as unpatriotic. You cannot run stories piecemeal. You have to come right out of the gate, guns a-blazin' and completely destroy the entire set of lies.

Yup. You'll lose your jobs alright. And you'll lose advertisers. And you may even get killed. But hey: That's what journalism is all about. It's a bracing feeling, really.

You are about to learn what journalism is...if you have the stomach for it.

As I've said before: If you do not live each and every day in fear of your very life, then you are not doing what is known as "news."