Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New York Times versus the HyperSmart

So the New York Times has struck a nerve...

George Bush was on TV, moving his mouth hole in denunciation of this affront to "National Security" and wags on FreeRepublic.com are calling for the arrest and deaths of Times editors and writers.

Come with me, young ones... Allow me to show you an underworld, your knowledge of which comes only from stories...

There exists an enormous underground, one that lies beneath that of respectable society. As members of the above-world, you are not allowed to go there --lest you lose your credentials to move in polite society. But because I am not respectable --as I have long labored to convince you-- I travel there routinely.

It's much like an underground rave. Everyone's on something. The music is loud and the pulsating, spinning spotlights are blinding. Everyone's copping a feel from everyone else. In the tortured or beatific faces of those who travel in this forbidden world, you will see both God and the devil. And there's always drugs to help you along. You can have a great time there, but be careful what you ingest...

Oh, you can buy psychic pills and free energy machines and UFOs and the reptile people and massive conspiracies and time travel and remote viewing and innumerable other forms of mind-blowing information. Some will lead to epiphanies, allowing you to glimpse the very face of God. Others are designed to destroy you with their falsity. I've tried many, but not all; I haven't had time yet. And I won't tell you which are true and which are lies. Let's just say I'm lucky to be alive. So take my advice...

You may regard the human population of the earth to be always threatened by enslavement by the HyperSmart. The HyperSmart use government to do this. They use their sophistic arguments to convince you to abandon a minimalist form of government. They then convince you to build armies and a big government and give them powers to eavesdrop on your communications and to monitor your movements of money and to ship you off to be tortured and killed. By themselves, they are absolutely powerless. You give them all the power they have.

Their agents walk among you. They speak like they are members of your tribe, but they are not. They are paid shills of the HyperSmart. They sometimes occupy positions in newspapers, to the detriment of their host. The Times has had its share of these. And television is full of them. They attempt to guide popular opinion by issuing what appear to be "organic" sentiments. They are not organic; they were not generated within the tribe. They come from without --from their HyperSmart employers.

You won't ever identify the HyperSmart. So don't bother. It's a fool's errand. So don't you ever think that you can have your big government and have it remain safe in your own hands.

The website known as freerepublic.com is populated by agents of the HyperSmart. Their job is to churn out what purports to be organic sentiment. It's not. So don't listen to them. And for all you know, the comments on that site could be posted by the same twenty-year-old know-nothing housed in a small room at the NSA.

Why, even little old me was once smeared on freerepublic, back when I did my pop-up war video. The comments are predictable in their attempts to portray me as "liberal." Have I told you that Democrats are dipshits? Or that Republicans are retards? I advocate a return to the Ten Commandments, for chrissake; I out right-wing the right wing. Come on, guys; come up with a better smear. Don't I warrant it? This is a slap in the face:


Let me tell you how the HyperSmart and their shills operate. Because what they're up to is no good, they cannot function in the light of day. They are completely powerless when exposed as liars. You must call attention to yourself, and then engage them... They can't fight a clean fight. Do not debate the merits of the lies. Expose them as the lies that they are.

There may be some journalistic spirit in those papers yet. But you don't travel in that underworld. That's where I come in. I'm here to tell you what you're truly up against.

So if you choose to remain in the ring, you had better make lots of noise, call the tribe's attention to yourselves, and then set about disarming those shills. It's as easy as that. But if you don't fully commit... if you don't kick the door down and come out guns a-blazin, destroying every lie in sight... you're dead meat. And you'll be dead meat because the tribe will not be aware that they're being lied to...because you didn't have the balls to call a lie a lie.

Forgive the presumption, but I've been studying the HyperSmart for some time now. I'll whisper in your ear now and again. I'm morally obligated to; you are about to enter a very dangerous underworld. You will want a guide...

And you... Have I told you that I'm coming for you?